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All my followers have gone

All my followers have gone

All my followers, all 700 of them have gone and the 50 or so I followed are gone too. My account now says 0 followers 0 following.

Tried to work through this with support but they couldn't offer any working solutions.

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I had built a following of 700 people since 2013 and now I don't have any followers or any followed.

username = *richwood*

It's just the app installed on your device.
To restart, close the app and 

log out of all devices at once:

  1. Log in to your account page.

Thanks for the reply.

My issue is all my followers and the people I follow were deleted from my profile!
What would cause that?
My username is *richwood*

Can you please look into why all my followers (about 700) and people I’ve followed (about 50) have disappeared from my profile? These have been accumulated over 10 years!
My account says “0 followers and 1 following”
I give you permission to log into my profile *richwood*

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