All payment methods are failing.

All payment methods are failing.

I have been trying to buy Premium subscription however all the details I have tried fails.


I have tried with following

1. Firefox, Safari & Chrome - Fails

2. Tried with 2 different VISA card - Fails

3. Tried with Paypal account - Fails


I have read through various threads on the community but it has not solved my payment issue


Just to give more information


1. I have checked with my bank, my VISA cards are active and works well with other online merchants, I have ample limits and it is not blocked

2. My VISA card is of the same country as my profile on Spotify

3. My Paypal account is also as the same country as my profile on Spotify

4. My Paypal account works very well with other metchants


Thanks for help in advance


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We can't see exactly what causes payment problems so we can only offer suggestions, but is your card open for recurring payments? If you have a Netflix subscription or subscription with any other site, that'll rule that out.


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I have this same problem. I'm trying to upgrade to premium but keep getting the message that my payment has failed. I called my bank and they let me know that it was because the PreAuth was set for $0. They told me that if the Pre auth goes through for 1 cent it will work.

WEvenson - If you could try going through PayPal, it might act as a workaround for this PreAuth issue.

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