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Annual Subscription, is it possible?

Annual Subscription, is it possible?

Hello all,


I was wondering if there was a way to buy a annual premium membership subscription? I would rather pay for the entire year in one chunk than have 1 monthly payment. If there is a deal for doing that even better! But if not thats fine too. Does anyone know where I can do this?


Thanks in Advance.

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Yes, you can do this.  If you are already paying monthly, go to your Supbscription Management page (Here: ), and on the right hand side, there is the option to change your subscription from monthly to annual.  If you've not yet signed up, you should get that option as well when entering your payment details.

So to get an annual subscription I have to first get a monthly sub? I thnk that is so silly! An annual sub should be something that can easily be ordered... you would think they would jump at the chance to take a years worth of payment. very strange.

EDIT: I apologize, I logged out and logged back in and can see the option to change to anual payment now.


Hi jvanderb


I'm logged into my account and am on the  page and cannot see an option to make an annual payment nor can I find anywhere to do so. Is it possible to see a screenshot of exactly where you're referring to?





You can change your payment type. For example from monthly to annual. If you do this, in next payment Spotify take from your credit card Spotify of your choice for 12 months.


You can also purchase Premium ( and some local stories in some countries) or Unlimited (Only in some local strores in some countries) Gift cards and redeem them in


In annual subscription there is currently no discount. But hope that in future!



When I log in to mine, this is what I am seeing:


Screen Shot 2012-03-30 at 2.47.08 PM.png


What do you see when you go to that page?

When I log in, I just see this page, nothing on the right hand side to change subscription to full-time.


Any help? 🙂

Spotify subsc.JPG

I can't see anything either is this a bug on the site?

Hi Akarillon & dax- That's quite strange, you should both be able to subscribe for 12 months as you've already set up payments. 


Can I confirm that you're both accessing our site from Norway? If you could both try changing your browser and/or clearing your browser cache and trying again that would be a great help. 


In the meantime I'll do some investigating into this. 

You were correct Meredith, and it worked in a different browser.

I was stupid to think it didn't 😛

Thanks for the help ^^

Hi Akarillon- Great, glad to hear that's worked. 


Do you mind letting me know which browser you were using before and which one worked for you?

I was using Rockmelt (Google Chrome based) and changed to IE 9.0.8112.

Still not working for me 😞


I'm accessing it from Canada on firefox 12.0


the funny thing is that my pal has a swedish account and it works for him but when I log mine which is norwegian I can't see it 😞

I don't see the annual subscription either. Running Windows 7 64 bit and tested it with both Chrome and IE9.08. Help Please?

Hate to break it to you, but there must not be an annual subscription. I've tried Chrome and IE and it ONLY shows a monthly payment.  There definitely used to be an annual subscription, but they must have yanked it.  I have another account that I was able to start w/an annual subscription.


Its not offered now, which is why we are on this thread looking for it !


Good luck

Hi Chabbah - The reason you're unable to see our 12 month payment interval is you've upgraded through a gift card. Before that you were just on the 48 hour trial.


Once a user signs up for our rolling monthly subscription they'll see the offer to pay once per year (as @jvanderb posted on the previous page).

I've been a monthly Spotify subscriber for months and months - no gift cards ever involved - and I can't see an option to pay yearly. I'm annoyed by the monthly charge and would really like to pay by the year. Can you tell me why I can't see it?

Hey nycgadgetgirl


I had the same issue but they fixed it now. If you sign in your account go to this link


You should see this screenshot but for you it should be set on monthly. You will just need to change it to 12 months


Screen Shot 2012-08-21 at 11.39.31 AM.png

Nope. That page is the first place I checked. Nothing there about monthly or yearly. 



You know... the main difference I see in my screen shot and yours is that I have an Unlimited subscription and you have a Premium subscription. Do you think maybe they don't offer a yearly option for the Unlimited subscription? Or is there (hopefully) just something weird going on with my account?

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