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Any way to find email address on mobile?

Any way to find email address on mobile?

So I have Spotify on my phone, and I also have it on my desktop. The Spotify on my desktop is an old account while the app on my phone is a newer account that I use instead of the old one. I wanted to log into my newer account on the desktop, but I don't know the email used for the account on my phone. When I looked at my account settings on mobile, it showed my username which for some reason was a bunch of letters and a couple of numbers. When I tried to type in this username to reset my password, it told me that the username was not connected to any emails. Is there any way that I can find my email address for this account on mobile? Sorry for the long message. Thanks.

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Hey @n43yl1, welcome to the community!


To find your account details, I suggest following this troubleshooting. At the bottom of the page, you'll find a link on how to find your username with the cache information stored on your devices.


Let me know if you find it.

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