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Bring Back Album Titles in Playlists

Bring Back Album Titles in Playlists

When I would go to the New Music Friday playlist, one of the most helpful things was seeing the album title next to the artist name so I could see if this song was just a standalone single, an EP or a track that’s part of a full album release. That has since disappeared, so I am requesting to bring that back somehow. Please and thank you!

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Hey @zekster,


Thanks for posting your feedback to the Community!

We've moved your thread to the help boards since we were not able to reproduce the behaviour that you described in your post.


Do you mind trying a clean reinstall of the app on your device by following the steps in this Spotify Answer?


If that doesn't work, do you mind providing us with the following info so we can take a closer look:

  • your device + OS version
  • the exact Spotify version on your device
  • a screenshot showing how the playlist appears for you?

Cheers - keep us posted!

Hi zekster!


Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community!


I suggest you to submit your idea here, so that other people can vote it and maybe it will be implemented.


Hope this helps.


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