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Can't change email in account

Can't change email in account

I created my account with Facebook and I've found I'm unable to change many features of my account. For one thing, my email. I deleted my email months ago because it's old and I barely use it, and updated my new email on facebook. I tried to update it on spotify but there is literally no way for me to edit the email address. I clicked edit profile but there is no edit field for the email. So I though, ok, no biggie--but now I want to delete my account and it needs verification from that email! And i can't change the email! Please tell me how to do this, i just want to delete my facebook spotify account from all the annoyances it comes with.

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Hey @user-removed!


Thanks for reaching out to the community.


If the email address on your Spotify account wasn't updated when you updated it on Facebook, you might have an account that's already using the new email.


Try resetting the password typing the new email address to see if you have an account set up with it. If you do, you'll need to close it before updating the email address on Facebook again.


Let me know how it goes.

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