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Can't edit playlists OR follow other users?

Can't edit playlists OR follow other users?

I understand spotify is trying to force new features by removing some of their most important ones but is there any way to reverse these changes? I am so tired of not being able to edit or follow. 


Plan: premium 

Country: I have accounts in canada and us



iPhone XS Max and Macbook air 2019 


Operating System

ios 13.5 and catalina 10.15




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Just wanted to check are you using the Desktop version of Spotify as it looks like you are using Web Player because it says 'Install App' in the bottom left corner. You can also install here. If when you use the Desktop verision you can't access this still then it's not possible to opt out of these tests. You can learn more about testing at Spotify here.


If your not happy with the new experience I'd recommend adding a +VOTE here to show your interest to Spotify to returning back to what you had previously.

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