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Can't invite family members?


Can't invite family members?



I already have a family account and added a family member. I now want to add 2 more, but can't find the invite-link anywhere?

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Spotify constantly tries to take shortcuts in the way they implement things - they probably just tacked this onto their current billing system and thought no one would notice.  They have finite resources sure, but they don't take the time to do things right.  Also see Your Music, with the ridiculous 10k track limit, of which it doesn't even notify you when you hit it.

i tweeted as i said and of course they reply because they hate bad tweets.. so anyone with this issue please tweet about it @spotify and @spotifycares and let them know how ridiculous this process is. they asked to direct message and said that to add another member to spotify family you need to cancel your subscription and subscribe again with the new members added! what a fcukin joke! they said it was a development issue and would let the developers know.. 

eh no.. this is to do with your processes and account setup.. there is nothing worse than someone doing something half arsed and completely fcuking it up and that is what they've done.. such a pity.. i'm very tempted to cancel and go back to last fm and give google play music a try..

Really?! If this is not a bug it is terrible design and the PM who came up with this brilliant idea should be looking for a new gig.

This is utterly ridiculous and you guys know it. You're a tech company for pete's sake.

This is absolutely a bug. I can't think of any reason I shouldn't see Me + 3 invite buttons next to it. If there is a legit reason for this, I'd actually love to hear why this is so difficult that I have to unsubscribe fully from MY paid account, wait for your system to process me, then resubscribe just to be able to invite another family member. I really want the insight.


I mean, do you really think that's the best user experience for us? Is it really necessary or just bad implementation? I'm a developer by profession and this is a nonsensical workaround, not a solution. Tell your developers to get to work 😉

Is it just me or does this whole process seem clunky.  I would think that Spotify would want to make it easy to add extra subscibers to the service.  Right now I'm trying to go from a 1+1 account to a 1+2.  It shouldn't be this difficult.

Can you please remove this comment.  It is not helpful and only clutters the post that is attempting to chronicle a serious issue with the Spotify Family Plan.  This problem occurs after members have located the Family Plan section so your first link isn't relevant.  The second link is overly obvious and add no value.  If anything your post just irritates people who are already irritated with the service.  Thank you in advance.

bc3, I also took the liberty to tweet @SpotifyCares to complain there as well and I encourage you to do the same. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and we need to be squeaky about this.


This is horrible.  Making it HARDER for customers to give you MORE money seems foolish.


No solution yet it seems.

I bumped into the same problem. When Spotify offered me to add family members I thought it was a good idea so I added my girlfriend. Now I want to add my dad and all I can do is drop my girlfriend.

I read on some earlier post that there's a workarround by cancelling the suscription and then add it again. Did anybody try that successfully?

I did it. It works.


But this is still ridiculous.

Yes, I tried it successfully. I had to cancel my subscription and email
spotify support and tell them to revert back to "Free plan" at once (so
that i did not have to wait several weeks until my paid subscription

Then I signed up again to the Premium plan and added two "family plans". It
worked, but it took some effort.

I'd like to add my annoyance with this issue. So basically my options are to cancel my account and wait 3 weeks until my subscription expires or have support cancel it right away and waste the $15 I already paid for this month.

Wow, this is ridiculous.

Hi, i`m not getting the mail with the link i can press to join a spotify family, what do i hvae to do?




Check out the family help guide here:!/article/spotify-family

Also check out this thread for information:

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This is just stupid and ridiculous. Impossible to invite another family member.. need to cancel the current plan and then create a new one + reinvite all members. Just idiot.

Stupid. I want to add one of my kids. Apple Music won't have this problem and opens up in 9 days.


**bleep** is **bleep**ed and needs to be un**bleep**ed.

Guys, I've just gone through the same journey trying to add a family member to the existing family subscription plan. Ended up just cancelling my subscription altogether. Whoever designed this system is a clinical idiot, and the fact that this glaring problem has not been fixed after so many user complaints tells me that Spotify does not deserve to stay in business. Hello Tidal.

Seriously, this is not solved. Disabling an account is not a solution, far from it. This is super pathetic. I'd rather add my new users to Apple Music.

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