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Can't invite family members?


Can't invite family members?



I already have a family account and added a family member. I now want to add 2 more, but can't find the invite-link anywhere?

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Puravida, do you think that works after reading this article? Have you tried that before you posted here? No and No...

Came here thinking I must have been doing something wrong but no just another ancient bug. And yes Puravida that's the process for the first person but try and add more later and the invite button is gone.

I'm having the same problem. Started a family account with two persons about 6 months ago and now I just want to add my 2 children. As I understand I should first cancel the family subscription, wait and than resubscribe?


This is crazy but a simple solution: wil cancel my family account indeed but subscribe to deezer or Apple Music.


Goodbye Spotify!

I have the same problem ! and it sounds complicated but wonder how many subscribers statement when opening the account rather than allowing to add as and as the family members want to subscribe.
ooh ooh spotify, you do something ???

Hi, that makes sense I guess, not very user friendly but makes sense. My problem now is I've cancelled

and it won't let me use the same the user name or email address, I don't want to set up another email address.

Please help.

Ah, ignore me, I've just read through a lot of the trail on this issue and see that it's not just me, not a bug and not recent!

I guess I'll just wait till I go free and resubscribe and add the max so if things change I don't hve to do it again.

Is the simple fix here is spotify to force members who upgrade to family to have four invitees as it can't hurt for them to sit unused?

Official reply fromage Spotify (the reply si un french. I make quickly à Google traduction, sorry) :


"After verifying your account, we found that you have subscribed to Spotify Family 1 + 1. This means that the maximum number of people you can invite to your family plan is one.

The number of guests that you have selected the entry can be changed. However, you can cancel the subscription. In this case, all members of the program fro free service when the current billing month expired. You can then re-register and select the number of sub-accounts of your choice. You can re-invite the people you want to keep the program."


Thé, the offer of 5 euros per family member is a good offer false since it is too complicated to manage in time ...

Yeah this sucks. What were Spotify thinking with this?

All I want to do is use the service I am paying for - i.e. Family Premium.

I just went to add two members of my family and because it was originally set up as a 1+1 I'd have to cancel and redo my account.

Yeah no... sort it out...

Step 1: Cancel subscription
Step 2: Join Apple Music

It looks like Google Play Music's family plan is up and running, guess I found my solution

I did that last week after contacting support and they told me it really was the only was to change the account.

Gave up and took the new Google offer of £15 for me and five family members

2. Allready done 🙂

@Peter wrote:

It's not a bug, you can't change the number of members on the plan after you set it up. So if you set up a 1+1 subscription, you can't change it to 1+2 without cancelling I'm afraid.


It's not a bug in the same manner that a missing steering wheel in a car isn't a bug.  Sure, maybe they didn't bother putting it in on purpose so it's semantically not a bug, but it should still be there for the system to be useful.  It seems there are a lot of people who want to add family members but can't, so Spotify is losing a lot of money.  Whoever made the decision that adding family members isn't important enought to bother with should to be fired.

im at a loss here. at no point was i asked if i wanted a 1 + 1 subscription (what would be the point)!!!  when i registered for premium i was under the illusion i could add 4 family members

have spotify miss-sold me and thousands others?


very poor

This is *not* solved. This is extremely bad user experience design. I wouldn't allow this level of interaction out of the development team.

I suppose it's technically not a bug, but you don't see user experience get to release version as bad this very often.

This same rediculous problem still exists in January, 2016. A mess, indeed! Disappointing, Spotify!

If I cancel my account will I lose any information such as my playlists? 

Same question, if I cancel what will happen to all my playlists? I don't think I can handle losing them. 


My family plan overview says "Click "invite" to offer one of your available Premium accounts to a family member." but there isn't an INVITE button anywhere!

Yes, it retains everything. It actually works better than expected. When you cancel your account: * it will operate normally until the expiration date * When the expiration date happens, you will not be able to play the list as normal but instead there will only be a shuffle option * You then go to the registration form and enter a new registration * You will have the option to enter any number of addition users * You will send each a invitation * They will accept the invitation to have their accounts activated with premium access

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