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Can't login on Desktop

Can't login on Desktop

Recently, about a week ago I created a new Spotify account because this account was made with Facebook and I don't want to have a Facebook based account anymore. 


I made my new account Premium while I was at the bus stop on my way home. When I got home and tried to login on my Desktop it said my account didn't exist. On my phone there's a random string of characters for my user name which I tried to login with but it says my password is wrong. I also tried my email and it still didn't work. I tried to reset password, and it said my account didn't exist, but when I put the random string in, it said a link was sent but it didn't appear. 


I sent an email about 12 days ago (as of current) to this account's email and I haven't gotten a response. 



Plan: Premium


Country: USA 


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Hey @DihydroMonox.


Thanks for getting in touch!


We understand you created a new account. Do you remember which email address you have used? This should be a different email address as your first account, unless you closed your first account first. We recommend checking all the different email addresses you might own and checking the spam folder as well.


You can find further tips on how to find an account on this page.


Hope this helps! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

If memory serves, it should be *snip*. I've checked every email I use regularly and all their spam folders and nothing has appeared. 

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