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Hello everyone!


I signed up my Spotify account in France, but now im living in Canada and i cant change my country on my profile. I heard that Spotify doesnt exist here but sometimes Spotify is working and sometimes not! Is that a bug or something? Its really weird!

Some of you got the same pb?



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Yes, it's a shhame there's no Spotify in Canada yet. What sort of problems are you having, maybe we can offer some suggestions to improve your listening pleasure?

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Spotify is not yet available in canada, which is why you can't change your country to Canada. 


If you have a Spotify free account, you will only be able to use your account for 14 days in Canada before you loose access to Spotify. If you have a payment method from a country where Spotify is available, you can use that to upgrade to unlimited/premium which gives you unlimited abroad access. 



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Well, I do know that Spotify doesnt work in Canada. I'm just wondering if it is normal that I can still listen to music (even after 14 days) ? This morning i could, this afternoon i couldnt (and i changed anything to my account!). Same thing somedays ago.

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