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Cannot login or reset password

Cannot login or reset password







iPhone 8+ 

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iOS 12.3.1

I went into my Spotify app yesterday (28/05/19) and I had been logged out. I put in the password which I am certain is the correct password but it did not let me login. I tried applying to reset my password but it wouldn’t send me an email and I’m extremely frustrated that their is no form of direct contact to solve this issue as I am continuing to pay but do not have access to my account. I have tried to retrieve it every possibly way but have not been successful what do I do, I need my account back.


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Hi @user-removed,


That seems awkward enough, I'll do my best to help out here! You've probably looked at it before but here's a link to the help page for trying to log in:


By right, you should have received an email from Spotify if you entered the correct email address that is linked to your premium account. If you continue to have no success with logging into your account, you could try contacting Spotify customer support via this link:


Best wishes,



Hi! Thank you for your reply unfortunately I still cannot get into my account, I know this is a very weird situation but do you have any other suggestions? 

Thank you. 

Hello there, my friend!

Thank you for raising your concern out here in the Community!



In regards to your issue, it's best to reach out directly to Spotify Support. They can be reached through their Twitter @SpotifyCares ( ) or through the online SpotifySupport ( ).




* Note that if you are going submit a contact form (instead of sending a DM on Twitter), make sure to check your inbox and junk folder for an email from Spotify.

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