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Cant Change email

Cant Change email

I originally created my account through facebook or at least it is connected to and had an old email which transferred over to spotify. I changed my facebook email at least 1 if not 2 years ago but the change has still not carried over to spotify. Anyway someone can change it still?

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1) Just log into Spotify on your browser

2) click “profile” in the top right hand of the screen

3) click “account” under the profile button

4) then scroll down to the third one down which is “edit profile” 

5) click “edit profile”

6) fill the first box with the new email

7) scroll down and press “save profile”

spotify will send a confirmation email to the new email 


hope this helps 🙂


its connected to facebook so it says to edit through facebook but as said
earlier this was already done well over a year ago.

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