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Cant log in

Cant log in

I just created a new account for spotify - using my Telia premium subscribtion. Created the account succesfully, I thought. But now it keeps saying wrong password. Reset my password succesfully, try to log in again - same problem! Whats going on ? 

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Yup same thing is happeneing to me. I am using a spotify account. I have re-installed several times and restarted. Does not let me log in. it reminds me why I stopped using spotify to begin with can you guys actually help your customers?


Having the same problem as well.

ME TOO!!! Cant log in on my Iphone or laptop.  Just bought a premium membership today and it's already acting up.

Yeah this is pretty ridiculous. Seems like this isnt just a small secluded issue either i've found thread after thread stating these problems. having the same problem...

everyone with the same issue seems to have replied in the last hour, so hopefully this is something that can be fixed easily.


I reset my password so I could login on the computer software and now I can't login on the pc or my Droid, which has been working fine until now.



Yeah, maybe its something with the servers. I guess we just wait...

Hey guys 🙂


There are a few other topics similar to this one that have appeared over the past couple of hours. I'm guessing that there is some kind of server issue on Spotify's end. Hopefully the staff will keep us posted.



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