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Cant login to Spitify

Cant login to Spitify



Recently downloaded the newest version for iPhone. From then on I cant log on via my iPhone.


When using my account on my computer it says that usernamne / pwd is incorrect (error code 410).


When I try to logon using my FB account I get to another, empty and non premium account.


My username on Spotify is Valeres.


I have allso tried reseting my FB pwd but it didnt help. I allso tried to get a new pwd for Spotify mailed to be but Im not receiving any such mail, and yes, Ive looked in the spam inbox aswell.


Please help 🙂


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I forgot: WHen using my pwd and username on the computer I can login and access my playlists, but I cant go online. It only says the same error message and that Im offline.


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It might be best if you pop in an email to us - One of our advisors might be able to help here. To get in touch, scroll up and click on "About Us", and then select "contact form".
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