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Cant pay for spotify

Cant pay for spotify

Ive been trying for a few weeks now to try and subscribe but it keeps saying my card is having a bad day. this goes for regular and student. with student i have gone through the verification process as well. anyone else with this problem????

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Hey there @kwebber3210


May I know what device are you using to put in your payment details?

If you have already checked the requirements needed for your card to push through a Spotify subscription, I recommend putting in your payment details using a desktop or a laptop. You may also use a different browser or be in a private browsing session. This prevents any cookies or cached data from interfering with the signup process and helps with payment issues on the website.

i am on my computer. ive tried different ones too and my phone. do i have to call my bank to authorize a payment?


Hi, yes please 🙂 Could you telephone your bank and ask them what is preventing this and to double-check everything?

alright im going to try and call them tomrrow. thank you.


Anytime 🙂

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