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Change Spotify's password via a login through Facebook

Change Spotify's password via a login through Facebook

Hi Everyone!


I would like to change my spotify's password, but when I created this account I did it through Facebook, so I don't remember if a password was asked... When I go on the password change form, it asks the current one that I don't have...


I tried to request a password change without being logged in Spotify, but I never got the email...


What can i do now?

Thank you!

3 Replies

Hey there, thanks for reaching out to the community.

I don't have my Spotify account linked to Facebook, but I think that when you log into your account, you will log in via Facebook, meaning that you only need to know your Facebook password.

Maybe someone who knows more about this can confirm, but I hope I could still help you, and I wish you a great day.

Hi PrettyMuchSwiss,


I thought also about the facebook's password, but I found weird that Facebook can share your password. It's mostly a security breach


Again, I never tried this, but I think if you log in with Facebook, you would log in directly with Facebook in a new window so that Spotify doesn't really know your password.

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