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Changing song metadata

Changing song metadata

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I uploaded a song through Distrokid onto spotify. I only realized now that it also put my whole full name on it, not just my artist name. How can I change that?


Thank you,


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Hey there @NordicDunn,

thanks for posting !


If you wish to change your artist profile uploaded through DistroKid i would recommend using this help page for further info.


However, if the help page does not provide the help needed, please contact Spotify for Artists through this contact page.


Hope this helps 🙂

I have changed my name on distrokid, but my full name still appears on my song that I uploaded. How can I remove it from the upload?





Hey @NordicDunn,


Did you change your name in the track's metadata? If so, it might take the stores some time to update it.


Let me know.


you can do that on distrokid? couldnt find that there

Maybe you can't, I'm actually not familiar with DistroKid. You definitely should shoot them an email, I'm sure they can help you out!




I just sent them a message now, Ill send a message here if its successful if anyone else reading is trying to do this

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