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Completely baffled; wrong email, wrong password

Completely baffled; wrong email, wrong password






Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 


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Upon attempting to log into my account on my laptop for the first time since signing up by the Spotify app, my password wasn't working; I have a few passwords, and not one of them worked, despite many multiple attempts. So I tried my emails, of which also none of them worked - I even tried to see if I had misspelled it when signing up through common errors.


I would understand if it was just human error if I had put down the email or password incorrectly when signing up, but that BOTH are wrong completely baffles me as I use them both constantly elsewhere and have never got them wrong yet. Also for the email my phone inputs it in during the sign up process - and yet, my account is definitely not attached to any of them?


Basically; is there any way to find out the email attached to the account? Could this be an error of some sort?


Thanks for any help!

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Maybe contacting Spotify directly by completing their form would help.

They will contact you by email.


Hope you get your issue fixed.

Have a nice day 🙂


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