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Connecting New Account to Facebook

Connecting New Account to Facebook

Hi guys, 


For a few months I used facebook to listen to Spotify as a free user. I recently bought spotify premium and made a new account.

I;m trying to connect my premiun account to my facebook but doesn't matter how I try to connect it (desktop app, manually) I get the same message 


"sorry a temporary error occurred please try again later''


Does anyone know how to solve this? I have even disconnected my old account from my FB and 'signed out' on all devices


Thank you ! 

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Hey @Lewe33, welcome to the community!


If you had created an account with your Facebook profile, you'll need to close it following these steps first.


Once the account is closed, you'll be able to link your Facebook profile to the Premium account. Here's all the info on how to link your profile to your account.



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