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Username is a string of random characters

Username is a string of random characters

When I log in through the browser (desktop), the account overview and the top right corner displays my username as a string of 25 apparently random numbers and lowercase letters (maybe it's a hash?). If I try to recover the password using the username that I actually typed, I receive no email. The weird thing is that when I click help, the top right corner name changes to the username that I chose. Also, when I look in the android app, it shows that I'm logged as my chosen username. So apparently, that username is linked to my account, but only on some contexts. Is this expected or normal? I created my account two days ago, using the android app.


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Hi @tumbalacatumba!


It seems that you've created your account through Facebook, this means, you'd need to use the "Log in with Facebook" button to access your account. To update your account information, you'd need to update it directly from Facebook.


If you're looking forward to log in using different username, reach us out via this contact formYou can also find us on Facebook or Twitter.


Hope this helps 😉

Thanks for the reply, Leonardo.


Actually there was no facebook involved. I created my account using the green "Create Account" on the Android app.  Also, most of the people I've seen with the facebook related problem have just numbers as usernames. I have numbers and letters (something like eb06a9a373b2206d2b0ad7f5d).


I'll try the contact forms. Thanks again!


I have had this same problem. I also created my account on Android and do not want to have to close my account.

I made mine through Firefox and when I tried logging in as my email on the PC app it didn't work and when I tried logging in with the username I chose it didn't work and when i tried logging in with the big spew of garbage it instantly worked and have no idea why. I wish I could change it and have no facebook involved whatsoever.

This just happened to me. I did not use facebook to sign up. I don't see any answers from a moderator. Has anyone been contacted directly?

Ditto. Signed up today and got a random generated ID. Also, I can't sign into the desktop app using my email. I have to use the generated ID.


I have been working on this issue with Spotify Help and have been told there is very little we can do about it, but if the community does not like it Spotify may change their stance.
I was then directed to submit an "Idea", and told that if it gets enough votes Spotify may adress this issue.
Please look here for more details and to vote for Spotify to stop changing people's usernames to random characters:

Had this problem too. Very annoying considering I created the new account because I hated my old one's username.


I' have just created a new account and got exactly the same problem. Instead of my displaying my chosen name on the upper right corner it displays a random name. This is very annoying because I want to subscribe to spotify premium familly. And when I'm about to give my credit card number is it still that random name. Can be an hack??

I have same problem 😕 sooo **bleep**ing annoying

This is so annoying man.. HOW???

My husband had the same problem when he set up his account on his laptop, no Facebook involved either.   

I actually got this answer from spotify.

Anyway, not very clear.

Merci pour votre message. Nous allons vous donner de plus amples informations au sujet de votre compte Spotify et de l'abonnement Premium afin que vous en profitiez de la meilleure façon possible.

Nous avons jeté un regard sur votre compte avec Tandis que le nom d'utilisateur de votre compte est xd2asz2ssfhoilq0xm0, votre nom d'affichage est dj **bleep** et c'est la manière de laquelle vous apparaissez aux autres utilisateurs Spotify. Est-ce le nom que vous avez en vue ?

Nous vous rappelons que vous pouvez accéder à votre compte avec votre adresse email et votre mot de passe Spotify.

En ce qui concerne votre question sur l'abonnement Premium, c'est tout facile de vous y souscrire. Accédez simplement à Ensuite :

  1. Saisissez votre nom d'utilisateur et votre mot de passe, puis cliquez sur Se connecter.
  2. Sélectionnez votre moyen de paiement et saisissez vos données.

Déconnectez-vous sur votre appli ou votre lecteur Web, puis reconnectez-vous pour goûter aux joies de Spotify Premium !

Nous espérons que cette information vous sera utile. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous avez d'autres questions.

Bien à vous,


 I just created an account for my mom. Even chose the username. The email in question has never been linked to FB/spotify. Yet, I got some random string of characters.


What **bleep**.



Mine did that as well and when I asked a Spotify employee, they said it was normal and they did it to keep usernames varied or whatever. I closed my account and made a new one and it literally happened again not even 10 minutes later. I have no clue why this is happening, but it so extremely annoying and kind of unprofessional. It's extremely annoying when I try to share playlists and my username is a string of random characters. Also, I couldn't log in with my original username in my first account. I had to use the random string of letters as my username. Google Play and Apple Music don't do it, and I'm honestly considering those two options at this point.





I'm having the same problem, in the app my username is correct but on the browser version its a random jumble.

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