Connecting to a different Facebook account.

Connecting to a different Facebook account.

Okay, i got 2 facebook acoounts and someway i changed spotify to the one i almost never use and almost not have any friends on. How do i link it to my original fb-account? please fast answer!

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I've just checked your account - You'll need to do the following.

* Log out of Facebook on any browsers you have open.
* Log into Spotify, and then head to the Preferences menu (Edit > Preferences on a Windows Machine, Spotify > Preferences on a Mac)
* Scroll down to the "Social Network" tab
* Click on "Disconnect from Facebook".
* Log out and then back into Spotify.
* Go back to the Preferences menu and go back to the Social Network tab
* Now, click on "Connect to Facebook", and connect to the correct Facebook account.

Now everything should work just fine!


I've also just edited your Topic heading, just to make things a little clearer if anyone else needs to search for it. 

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I have the same problem and just tried the fix, but I don't see an option to disconnect from Facebook on Preferences (Mac). How can I link my Spotify account to the Facebook profile I use most often?

I have the same problem. But this trick doesn't works for me. What can I do to fix this? 


First I had different spotify account connected to that facebook account can that be the problem?



If you signed up before Facebook was made mandatory, follow the employee's instructions. Make sure you log in with your Spotify username, NOT Facebook.


If you signed up after Facebook was made mandatory, your Facebook account IS your Spotify account so you can't get rid of them. You will have to start over. Cancel unlimited/premium on your old account if you have that.

Somehow a friend switched his and my account so when he logged in he had my lists and I had his playlists. We both had my account information strangely enough.

 Now, thanks to this guide I managed to switch back so its now connected to my Facebook account but now all my playlists are gone and im stuck with my friends lists..

Is there a way to get my old lists back?

And this i strange cuz this is not my account, this is my friends account who I thought I logged out from and back in to mine.. I log in on my facebook account and its fine all the way, until I click "Community" here on Spotifys page.. then it changes to my friends account.

This is crazy!


Do you need my email or something to check my account?



Is there a way to remove the (spotify)account thats connected to facebook? So I can use it for my other (old) spotify account?


Also one of my facebook account doesn't exists any more... So spotify is a little messed up.



This did not work for me


Have you checked your Subscriptions page to make sure you are still successfully premium?


- Spotify desktop should say 'Spotify premium' at the top.


- Try reinstalling Spotify.


- Make sure you're logging in with the right account; it's very easy to have both facebook and Spotify details!

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If on iPhone, just go to the log in and put in your email address for Facebook for the username and the password for Facebook for the password

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