Connection with Facebook does not work!


Connection with Facebook does not work!

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Country: Belgium



(Samsung Galaxy 7)

Operating System

(Windows 10)


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Hi, my connection with Facebook does not work.

I have already restarted my account several times, nothing helps.

Also the music that spotify recommends based on what I have already listened to has been the same for months.

And that for a premium account 😞


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Hello Peter!


From what I understand you have problem signing in both in your phone and your windows. What error are you getting when you tried to sign in? 


Also I don't know if it works but sign in your Facebook account and see if Spotify is in the connected apps and try removing it and adding it again. 

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Hi Rising Star 1,

Thanks for your quick reply.

I do not get an error, when I try to make a connection it does nothing.

I have just removed spotify from my apps in my facebook account and re-connect via spotify, unfortunately.

I don't know what's wrong ???


Sad to hear that didn't help.You can't log in in any devices or just your devices?In any case i suggest you to contact support in order to get better help.It's a premium account after all.


Keep me updated about this issue if you want it of course.I'm curious to see what's the problem and help furthermore.


Also btw my username isn't Rising Star 1 but teo13g 😄 😄



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Hi teo13g, 

So sorry for my mistake about your nickname 😄

The problem of the whole thing is my login / mailadres, it's different between my Facebook account, that's the reason why it doesn't work.

I'm gonna change my mail adres, making a new account, that's the best option.


Many thanks for help to you and all the other people.


Best regards, 




Hahaha no problem at all! 


Glad you found the source of the problem!


Have a nice day! 



The music recommandation is based on what you lisen, so if you listen mostly the same tracks the reccomandation will not vahnge very much. 

As for the facebook problem you should try removing the facebook account and imputing it again. Also try this from a desktop device if posible.  

If this is not helpful enough try here