Creating an account for our business

Creating an account for our business


So I have been charged with creating a spotify account for my company, we're not trying to pay music at our location/ we don't need a commercial license (so soundtrack business seems not to apply), we just want our own account (similar to like Pitchfork has: we are creating playlists and such and just don't want it to be tied to any of our own personal facebooks. 


Is this possible?

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Hey @lhotse303!


Thanks for reaching out. 


If you'd like to create an account to use as a brand, just head to and create an account.


With this user account, you'll be able to create playlists, change your profile image, update your playlist images, and add descriptions. 


We hope that helps out. If there's anything else we can do, just let us know!


I'm having the same issue. I've created an account for my company, but I can't find a way to change the username or profile image without linking to my personal Facebook account. Am I missing something?

yesss! I am trying to get in touch with a real human at spotify to find
out. Their answer was kind of insulting - they were like "just make an
account!" but I can't have the company name be like #@4o238urowefj kw


Same for me! Spotify, please help.


Hey this doesn't help! I've been charged with creating a company account, but I can't verify a company account with my personal facebook, and an un-verified account has a completely weird name. Obviously other companies seem to have figured this out but I'm wondering how we do this. 


Please let me know ASAP


The following guide will help companies create their own Spotify profile:


Spotify changed the way verification works back in 2017. Right now only artist pages can be verified. Companies and celebrities can make their own Spotify profile, and it will work with all of the regular features, it just won't have a blue check mark next to the username. You can read more on this here:


Spotify also changed the way usernames are created. Usernames are randomly generated, but you should still be able to change the display name that displays on the profile to your company name.


Using the Spotify desktop app, you should also be able to upload a company logo to use as the profile picture for the account.


When making a playlist you can chose a custom title, write a description, and even upload your own custom playlist image:


Spotify has some recommendations for brand playlists:


If you are looking to embed a Spotify follow button or embed your playlists on the company website, you can look into this:


If you need to shorten a Spotify playlist URL link to make it easier to type in all you need to do is copy and paste the link at this website and it will use Spotify's official URL shortener.


You can also create a Spotify Code which is a barcode that users can scan on the search page in the Spotify app to go directly to your playlist, profile, album, etc. You can get this barcode by going into the Spotify app and going to the share menu. You can also create a Spotify code by going here:

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