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Cursing in Ads

Cursing in Ads

There are ads playing now that have cursing in them! How do I prevent these types of ads from being played in my player? I don't want to hear that language, and plus it's at work.  Very inappropriate, Spotify.

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Hey there, all ads that are played are suitable for whatever age you have set according to your account profile.


But we're happy to pass on feedback about specific ads too. Which one is it with the cursing?


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So how do I set my account to age 5? Age 13 was the lowest age I could put it at. I don't need my kid parroting "tits and ass" at the dinnertable even though we listened to Barney's sing-along songs and Beethoven music for much of the day, thanks to Oxymoron or w/e he likes to call himself.

You need to be at least 13 to use Spotify, so that is the minimum age you can set. Would you be able to let us know what the advert was? It will be in your Play Queue > History tab in the desktop client as long as you haven't closed the client since it happened.

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Setting my age to 13 apparently didn't prevent the ad from playing a second time anyway so I closed Spotify but I do recall it was an ad for Oxymoron's latest album 'Q' or vice versa. I wouldn't be surprised if others are complaining today about it.

Similar situation; I just don't like getting horror movie ads at 2am when I'm playing a sleep Playlist.

Dear spotify, I understand that you need to be 13 yrs old to use spotify, but obviosly music is something that people like to enjoy also within the family, and for example in my case, we are used to listening to spotify at home while doing whatever. And we have small kids who dont want to hear all the cursing / unsuitable content for kids. Is this the way you are trying to get people to subscribe to the premium version of spotify with monthly pay ? How do get rid of at least all the ads with cursing (that is, the least you can do)?

I have the same issue. Cursing in ads have played while in the office or in the presence of children. And there is no way to screen them out.

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