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Delete history after being hacked?

Delete history after being hacked?

My account was hacked recently and they exclusively listened to one album by a German artist. They had access to my account for less than a day before I realized that I had been hacked and changed my password. Now this album is pinned to my home page (where it says "Good Morning/Good Evening") and I'm having German music recommended to me. Is there any way to remove this album from my listening history? It seems a little ridiculous that we have no control over our stats or what goes on our home page. Is there any way that I can stop seeing this weird German hip-hop album every single time I log in?

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Unfortunately, the only solution, in this case, is for you to keep streaming your favorite music. Eventually, the unwanted music will disappear from your recommendations and the algorithm will readjust itself. You can also check out this idea as it's somewhat related.

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Same happened to my wife - someone in Italy hacked into her account and now all she gets is bad hip hop and house music (which is the opposite to her metal tastes). 
I really wish Spotify would take responsibility when people's accounts are hacked like this. 

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