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Deleted facebook account, still charged

Deleted facebook account, still charged



I signed up for spotify and the trial thingÿ, and used paypal... etc... I made a facebook account just for spotify, not having had one before.


So I deleted my facebook account, just dont like it for personal reasns, but I still got charged a few days ago on my paypal account for the ultimate or whatever service thingy.


I cant access my account since my facebook account was deleted that i had associated with spotify, so i cant log into to access the month i paid for, and i cant unsubscribe either...


(just as an aside i wouldnt hesitate to stay subbed if you ditched the facebook requirement but whatever)

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Hi Poinky,


Please Email the payment team.  They will be able to sort your subscription for you - they will need the email address that you used for Spotify plus your Date of Birth and Paypal Billing ID.





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