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Need to change my account is it possible? (Facebook)

Need to change my account is it possible? (Facebook)

Ok, so I've really had enough of Facebook so I tried deactivating my account till I realized that my Spotify premium would no longer work. So I understand now that having a fb account is required but is it possible to link to a different "fake" fb account without losing my playlists etc?

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I guess I need to simplify since there is no reply.......


Can I link my current account to a different facebook account?

cool, well guess im gonna go check out rdio and cancel possibly yet again


thanks for nothing!

The answer to your question is: No. You need to start from scratch with a new Facebook account if you delete your current one.



You would think that mods answering everyone else questions could simply say that. Its really a shame as I love Spotify but grow increasingly frustrated with how things work.


Gonna start manually adding my music with another service that doesnt require facebook 🙂


thanks again!

If you have an old account before the facebook requirement, you can just disconnect at preferences. I guess you didn't? The old registration page before Spotify selling out allowed you to choose a username and password. These details still work if you didn't come "late to the party".


I hate the requirement as much as you. It's what made me choose this username.

I think it was available when I first started but I guess I didnt think much about it at the time so I didnt bother 😞


Do you know roughly how long that requirement has been around? Just curious

September 22nd 2011 is the date they no longer allowed spotify username registration and became Facebook only.

Ahhhh yeah I started here shortly after that. Thanks for the help and info I've already cancelled and started copying music.

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