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Deleted playlist



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Hi, i recently purchased the $.99 premium for 3 months deal, but it wasn’t showing up on my app. i figured if i logged out and then logged back in it might show up, however when i logged back in all my playlists were gone. i’m not sure if they got deleted because i had a free account or because of the switch between free and premium. i’ve tried logging in with my email and my username and i’ve tried recovering the playlists but they’re not showing up. please help! 


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Welcome to the community!

Please make sure you are not loging in in a diferent account. You may have two accounts (for example one created using facebook and another one using an email adress) so check this article here about how to detect two accounts . If you still have problems after this let me know ❤️


Hey @3u8y38t_-tfl5,


I am really sorry to hear that you have lost all your content! I know how bad that feels!

Please follow the steps from the attached image to help you restore all of your playlists.


Have a nice day 🙂



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