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[Desktop][Other] Make it so I can login to Spotify

[Desktop][Other] Make it so I can login to Spotify

I can't login to Spotify. This repeats ad infinitum. If I give my password from my Password Manager Spotify rejects it. If I try and change it - to that password that Spotify says it doesn't recognize - it tells me my new password must be different. So I change it to a new password and store that in my Password Manager. Now for a later Spotify login - go back to the start of this message and start over as that is what again takes place. And again takes place. And again takes place. And people are upset with Spotify about Joe Rogan and not their lack of tech support? 

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Hey, I'm Sorry to hear this is happening i understand you want to stream your music!


Have your tried resetting your password you can Do so Here

Link To Reset Password:

(Be Careful When choosing a Password Never Use A Simple Password such as your name) 


Extra Tip: Try Making Sure You Typed everything Right (Caps Lock Off/On, Confused Letters such a 0 (Zero) and O. 

Maybe that will Help


Hope you Can Figure it Out But If Not... There's a Way to Get More Support! 🙂


And If this dose not Work i would suggest Contacting Spotify Support Here:


Hope This All Helps! 🙂 


My Goal is to Become a Spotify Rockstar I Would Appreciate if you would take a Moment To Give this a Like if it Helps you out! To Help Me on my way to the Goal! 


Have a Fantastic Day/Night/Afternoon 


Ben! 🙂

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