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Device reset and custom ROM

Device reset and custom ROM

Please reset...again. I'm really getting upset at how many times I get the error that I have too many devices synced. I have the PC app and the android app. Any time I update my custom rom I get hit with this error. This really should be something we the customer can manage. I can't call or email customer service b/c there doesn't seem to be any contact info on this site (or difficult to find). Im getting frustrated that I pay for this service every month. Please help and thank you!


Edit - I was able to find a way to send in a email in your "About" section at the very bottom of the page. Thanks.

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Hello! Thanks for your message. We currently allow 3 offline devices, and the newest will replace the oldest.

We appreciate you bringing this idea to us - the best place to stay updated on any kind of device management is here:

Hope this helps out a bit. Let us know if we can help.

Check out how we're doing: @SpotifyStatus

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Everytime you change your ROM, the Spotify app will detect that as a new device, since it that application on the new ROM will have a new Spotify cache, and that cache is the "device" if you like. So everytime you flash your ROM and install Spotify, in effect you have created a new device in Spotify's eyes. It is the same situation if you have a computer with two operating systems installed, it counts as two devices since each spotify installation maintains its own cache. 


Spotify also don't officially support custom ROMs, and I have a feeling this might be one of the reasons why.



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