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Disable Notifications


The notifications are an awesome feature; however, I have many friends and many playlists and I receive way too many notifications!


I cannot find an option to disable or turn them off.  Is there one?  If not, please make an option to disable/enable notifications!


Thanks in advance!



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Re: Disable Notifications ... help! /// Langauge request - English in NL?


Thought I had turned off all notifications yet still getting all / daily random playlists from friends. 

Beggining to feel spammed after a few months trying to get this sorted... 


Help with turning off playlist notifications please? 


Also would be GREAT to have an English language version please on the NL page, i know it's Netherlands though not all users are Dutch/speakers. I'm sure many are international. 




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Re: Disable Notifications ... help! /// Langauge request - English in NL?

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Hey guys! :)


Are you talking about the notifications inside the client or the email notifcations?


Email notifications can be turned off from your online account.

Notifications inside the client can be turned off by disconnecting your Facebook from your Spotify account, although this is not an option if you log in using Facebook. 



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Re: Disable Notifications ... help! /// Langauge request - English in NL?

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That does not disable notifications, but when you're disconnected from Facebook your friends won't cause activity on it.


If you subscribe to playlists and it gets updated, it will still cause notifications when you are disconnected from Facebook. There is no way to disable notifications completely.

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Re: Disable Notifications

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I second the request to allow disabling of all notifications.  I'm talking about the windows desktop client with the little red bubbles in the top right corner.  This is an solid product, it'd be awesome if users had an option to pull the social networking plug in general.

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Re: Disable Notifications

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I would also love to disable notifications. They are a design flaw in the sense that just because I subscribed to a playlist, this does not mean i am interested in seeing any and all updates or changes to that list.  That is just attention hijacking - and on OSX with the dock icon jumping out and the badges on everything this is a high level of attention-grabbing. The playlist changes are too unimportant to grab so much attention. 


Either make it so users can choose to receive notifications (by subscribing for instance) - or make them an option under the playlist ('see playlist changes'). 


Consider this:

I - and I am sure lots of other users, be they more or less consciously aware of this response - get nervous when I see badges on my application icons. As they are really proliferating wildly over the last year or so, with each and every app wanting to scream at the user that *something important* happened, it is time interaction designers start to show some restraint when designing notification features in their app. Spotify could be on the forefront of this. As it is the case now, I would rather not look at spotify now or have it running because of the badge icon - I use the interactively-challenged Sonos interface instead. 

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Re: Disable Notifications

Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to the Community Ubilaz. 


A similar idea regarding notifications has already been posted in the Ideas Board. I recommend adding your Kudos and comments there to show your support. 


Our team keeps a close eye on these ideas and we provide updates whenever we can. 

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Re: Disable Notifications


The badging of the icon in OSX is really annoying and distracting. I only subscribe to a few playlists, but I have several notifications per day. I just got yet another one while writing this. I can't imagine how obnoxious it is if you subscribe to a lot of playlists.


It's even more annoying now that it's being used for advertising (my latest one is an announcemet of an "exclusive track" from some band I've never heard of).


  • I don't want or need an icon badge when any of the playlist I subscribe to gets updated.
  • I REALLY REALLY don't want an icon badge for advertisements. 

Please let us disable this "feature".

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Re: Disable Notifications


I 100% agree that the OSX client badge needs to have the option to NOT be lighting up with every darn tidbit that shows up in the notifications section of the client. Notifications should be a part of the OSX notification center PERIOD. Overriding that user interface convention is not OK. 


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Re: Disable Notifications


I've solved this by switching to Rdio. Same music, no bullhorn!