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Disappointing experience :(

Disappointing experience :(


Plan - Premium (was Hulu + Premium)

Country - USA



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I have been a longtime member. I converted my Premium membership to the Hulu + Premium. I wanted to watch this movie that required a Hulu add-on, so I needed to convert my Hulu subscription to one from Hulu to do any add-ons. I did so and cancelled my Hulu + Spotify membership, quickly realized the movie was the wrong movie and went to go back to my Spotify sourced Hulu and was unable. I chatted with someone who basically said, "Check out the community page for when that subscription comes back!" Are you kidding? I am a working adult, you want me to check this chat page every day for some arbitrary amount of time until that bundle comes back? How is that honestly even a solution to my problem? I'm offended this was even offered, email me maybe but... "Come check this chat site from time to time and hope you catch the announcement" .... .... .... 


Also, if cancelling that membership cannot be undone, it needs to be made more apparent and more obvious that the aforementioned plan is no longer available before cancelling.  A warning saying, "This action cannot be undone," or "This subscription is no longer available..." I don't know. I'm just mad and I felt like the customer service agent was very unhelpful.

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Hi @attackontitan,

thanks for posting and welcome to the community !


First of all i'm sorry you feel this way.


Spotify has campaigns running all year long and one of them was indeed the Spotify+Hulu offer.

This offer like any other offer has a terms and conditions page that comes with it, which specifies its behavior.


As the offer has ended, canceling an account containing it does no longer provides the ability to revert the action.

This kind of offers are temporary and in this case not available at the moment.


A good way to follow up on new offers made to Spotify users would be to subscribe or check the Spotify Newsroom here.


However, your comment is fully noted - getting a warning notice on irreversible changes about to be made while performing updates on a subscription.


I'll make sure to deliver your feedback to the right Spotify factors.

Don't hesitate to ask any further questions you might have 🙂  

Spotify has to pay Hulu each month for every account that has that bundle. It's probably a special negotiated rate. Maybe even less than one dollar per month. But Hulu and Spotify are two separate companies. Hulu is not simply giving their product away. It was "bundled" with your Spotify subscription, but Spotify is paying Hulu for the service each month for every account that has the bundle.


So it should not come as a surprise that Spotify is doing everything they can do bump people off the bundle whenever it is possible.


Wireless and cable companies do the same thing all the time. "You can change your plan at any time." Traveling internationally? Need more data? Want more channels? Sure, no problem. You can change your plan at any time. But the plan you have now is no longer offered. So you can't change back to it. You can change your plan again, but you can only change it to whatever we are currently offering.


And you expect them to tell you that explicitly?


Hahahahahaha 🙂 What planet do you live on, Dude?


There are multiple threads from users who have reported that they lost their Hulu bundle when all they did was change their credit card billing information.


"I'd suggest keeping an eye out for new promotions."


Yeah, good luck with that. That bundle isn't coming back any time soon. It's costing Spotify too much money each month. They want to get rid of it--not bring it back. It was a great way to get people to sign up for Premium. Now they're hooked on their playlists, and Spotify knows they probably will not cancel their Premium account even if they take the bundle away. For every account that loses the bundle, Spotify increases their monthly revenue.


Welcome to Big Tech. @SpotifyCares about making money--not about treating customers fairly.




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Exactly what KossB said.


I did nothing more than change credit card details and they simply got rid of my Hulu. 


@KossB When I had an exclusive, no longer available AT&T plan, any time I made changes they were explicit in telling me "You could lose your plan" before I did things, and even after I made changes that did affect the plan on an emergent international trip, it was quick and easy to change back to the plan that was "No longer available." I live on a planet where some 'big tech' companies value things like integrity and customer service. 

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