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Discount for High school students

Discount for High school students

I'd really like to have the discount on my account. I agree with the other topic on here that says a similar statement. Could I please get the discount? (I'm a junior in highschool and Spotify is my #1 go to music app on both my phone and computer)
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The whole idea behind student discounts for college students is because of how much it costs to attend a college. Why not give a college student a break versuses the cost of a highschool student. It is something I had to come to terms with myself when I was in highschool. I know, i know...not the answer you wanted.  

Okay, but High School students are the earliest form of independent adulthood. A lot of us are just starting with jobs or are earning our independencey. You can't really say that we don't deserve it; truth is, quite a few of us are already balancing a job, school, and college & real life preparation. I feel like your argument would be more valid against a middle schooler; not that I mean any disrespect. I still think high school students should have this same opportunity.

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