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Display name changed?

Display name changed?

I recently noticed my display name/username on spotify has changed to a bunch of letters/numbers, and my profile picture has been removed. I have no idea why this happened and would like some help getting it back to normal please

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Hi there @flxz,

thanks for reaching out !


Can you please mention the following :

- Is you account Facebook based or email 

- Devices in use

- Type of subscription


Thanks for your cooperation.

Waiting on your update 🙂

Woke up today to see this same problem with my username/display name.


- email based account

- I am seeing this on desktop, but no sign yet of this affecting the mobile app interface.

- family subscription plan


Hope this issue gets escalated and addressed by the team asap. Thanks!

Hello @OneByBoo , my account is email based, the devices in use are my personal computer and my phone (this hasn't affect my phone for some reason) and I am on the free plan.

Hi @flxz  & @kirkja,

thanks for answering my questions !


A first basic step i'd suggest is to first visit your account overview page, scroll down and click on "Sign Out Everywhere".

It should shake things up a bit when you log back in.


However, performing a clean reinstall of the app using the steps provided here can help as well.

Then you can check out this support page on how to change your display name.


Important to mention that the long username you see is given to all Spotify users for security reasons.

You can both send me you display name and i'll run a check on my personal account to see if they appear as they should.


Keep me posted 🙂

It looks like this issue was able to either resolve itself or something was updated to fix it. User name is appearing as expected now! 

Hi @kirkja,

thanks for keeping me posted !


Glad to hear it all works now.


Enjoy Spotify 🙂

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