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Double costs from creditcard

Double costs from creditcard

I found out that I've been paying double for Spotify. I only have one account (that I know of) connected to my facebook. How can I get in contact with Spotify to find out what the other connected account is? I tried using the 'forget password' option on several email adresses but nothing came out. 


Thanks in advance for your reply. 

Grt Joost

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Hey @Joostvanliempt,


Thanks for getting in touch. We'd be happy to lend you a helping hand 🙂 


We'd suggest checking out this page. After going through these steps, you can go here to find out if you have an additional account. 


Let us know how that goes! Take care.


Hi joostvanliempt,


Sorry to hear that you had to experience this issue, but if you contact spotify they will solve this for you and most likely get your money back!


Best Regards




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