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Spotify web player keeps crashing.

Spotify web player keeps crashing.

For the last couple of days the Web player has started crashing. I keep receiving an error from Google chrome how there is not enough memory to open it and how I must reload it to open it again. Does anyone else is experiencing this issue? Account - Samson-91.


UPDATE: I got the error again while I was writing this thread. Google chrome stuck and closed the page by giving me the same message I mentioned.

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I suggest contacting spotify support or contacting google chrome about this, i will send you a link below.


if you have any questions feel freeto ask

Hey @Samson-91.


Thanks for getting in touch!


Does this also happen if you have just the Spotify webplayer open in Chrome? If you have many websites, plugins and apps running in Chrome and Chrome runs out of available memory to use, certain apps or websites might stop working.


Could you try a different web-browser like Edge, Opera or Firefox to see if that changes anything? If you are a heavy Chrome user, you could try to use Spotify in a different browser while keeping the rest of your internet usage in Chrome.


Hope that works for you. Let us know if it doesn't or if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!




Back then my Spotify web player works perfectly fine on chrome after a month or so it stops working, i tried everything but it doesn't work except for trying to open it on different browser... So you might want to try to open it first in different browser. But what i did to fix this same problem is updating the chrome that is installed in my pc. 🙂 




I hope this helps

Hey everyone! Sorry for the late delay. I reinstalled my browser several days ago; it worked fine until this annoying issue didn't occured two days ago. When I press play button while I'm on Spotify web player, he plays one track then he stuck, freezes and crashes the page with a following "Ah snap! Something went wrong" message. I don't believe extensions are causing this if they do I'd keep receiving this message with every website I visit. It's been like this since previous week. I'll try with a different browser and see if that helps. Cheers.

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