I've downloaded my music probably 8 times over now. It seems that Everytime I close the app or go an hour without using it it delete the music I've saved. Yes, I have premium. And yes, I have enough room to download everything. Yes I've re-installed the app again and again. Also the app is running so slow. And occasionally when I don't have data it logs me out without consent.
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@Taylormarquez21 hey taylor, thanks for reaching out, i'll try to help you with your download issue ^_^


sometimes the download will not start or not complete if there is insufficient space for spotify to save offline (which ordinarily is 500MB-1GB of free space).


sometimes, if spotify is outdated, an update is completed, or indeed if the OS is outdated, downloading issues may arise. so make sure your android and spotify is updated.

Often something occurs with the offline files on your devices. The cache may become corrupted, or mis-register what songs are available to download, and disconnect from the app.

If you follow this link you can reset your offline devices. Then you'll need to perform a quick reinstall of Spotify with these steps (make sure you restart your device after un-installing).

other users have also found signing out of all devices here resolved their downloading issues.
let me know how you go!

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