The same credit card stuff


The same credit card stuff


First i want to say that im really desapointed with spotify cause every month they send me an email saying that they could not accept the payment of the premium, well first month it was fine but then every single time the same thing was hapenning and what sucks is that many cards were not being accepted and they were fine and international since i live in Brazil, but now none of the cards are working and i cant pay Spotify because of that, Spotify is great btw but i might cancel my familly premium and go to Snaptube, they are not the best but at least they dont fail with me every single month... shame on you Spotify... shame on you i expected more.

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Re: The same credit card stuff

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That doesn't look right so let's try to troubleshoot this :) Can you check the following to make sure it's not what's preventing your card from being accepted every time?



 If those don't help, you could try another payment method, like for example, instead of using Paypal, enter your credit card directly.


Let me know how these helped!




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