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Error 130 & 913

Error 130 & 913

I cannot buy new downloads. Everytime I try I get the following messages: Error - 130 when loading url and later I get another message reading: Error 913. I have tried already several tracks during the last days and without success.
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yeap getting the same issue anyone any idea why this is happening?

I get the same error when I try to by a song... we shuld have an answer from Spotify, this is MONEY for them... HELP Mr. SOPTIFY!!!

Hey guys! 


I have never come accross this issue before, error 913 appears to be related to failure to buy credits, detailed here. 

First thing to try is logging out and back in again. 


If you are still having issues, I would suggest you get in touch with the customer services team using the online contact form and they will be able to assist you directly.



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