Error code 101?


Error code 101?


So in the midddle of playing today my account first went offline and wouldn't come back on line. Then when I tried to fix it it wouldn't work. Then it went off completely and now when i try to log in it says that there is error code 101 and it's a problem with my firewall...thoughts? I don;t know how to fix this!

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It still won't work, but thank you anyway



i can not login ple hellp me ple thankyouRobot Mad


mirandalindholm- Are you still having this log in issue? Let us know if you're still receiving that error 101 message. 


keighgiles4- Have you tried any of the troubleshooting steps above? 


Please be sure that both Spotify and Facebook aren't blocked by any firewalls on your computer.  Then perform a clean reinstallation before signing in again with your Facebook email and password. 


I had the same issue with the 101 error and reinstalled everything and still had received the error..


It ended up being my password.. 


Good Luck!





Yes, I've still can't log in and it still says that's it error code 101 😞


Spotify should be ashamed of its self. I have waisted the equivelent of 12  hours uninstalling, reinstalling, chekcing the firewall, searching the internet for solutions. Bottom line is that there is some issue that many people are having and Spotify has no clue how to help us. WE  HAVE FOLLOWED ALL OF YOUR STEPS. There was one moderater on a similar thread who claimed, well its nothing on our end. Own up, take the blame, and admit that you have no clue. When we had this working months ago flawlessly, then we change nothing and it quits working how can it possible be 'at our end'? The only variables in this equation thats causing this frustation is something in the program that caused this and the lack of support and knowlege from the Spotify team.  DON'T REFER US TO A PREVIOUS UNHELPFUL POST, DON'T ASK US TO DO THE SAME STEPS REPEATEDLY, AMIDT THAT YOUR PROGAM APPEARS TO BE BROKEN FOR SOME PEOPLE. QUIT WASTING OUR TIME AND INTEREST, I WAS GONG TO BUY PREMIUM 2 MONTHS AGO BEFORE IT QUIT WORKING AND I'M SO GREATFUL I HAVEN'T. 


Thank you Rex -- that last one did the trick.


HI All,


I'm lookng for some help with this issue.  I'm re-installing and allowing it through the firewall, but I am unable to log in.


Please advise on what works to get this program running as intended.




Thank you so much Rex! I've been quietly reading all of these posts and trying everything to no success, but this one finally worked! 😄


darn, which link did you choose? i picked the 1st one and i got an error message (404) that the page didnt exist.. -_-


as true as it can be, same problem, same "help" same result: NO SPOTIFY 😠


Cheers for that Rex. That link you have provided worked a right treat!!!


for about a week now my spotify has been playing up. i have removed from my firewall and deleted it from my laptop hundreds of times, et every time i download it again when i log in i keep on getting the message Error code 101 i just want some help. i have looked at all the comments but they seem to be of no help. if i could get a different answer from everone else that works i will be in awe to you.


many thanks





I've been having the same problem as everyone else for past few days.  Error 101.  Have re-installed.  Have allowed on Firewall settings. Don't have a clue what I'm supposed to do with regard to changing proxy settings and can't find any info on that here as if to suggest that the solution even lies there despite the error message.  Really at a loss as to how this can be such a prevalent problem and yet with no clear solution apparent.   What is Spotify's refund policy?  Because as rightly pointed out by someone suffering the same problem, we are essentialy paying a service that does not serve and obviously feel slighted by that.

Please can somebody provide a clear and understandable answer as to how to resolve this.


Okay, for some unbeknown reason, my Norton Internet Security had decided to start blocking Spotify.  The instructions in a previous post as to how to remedy this did not work.  Here is the procedure that worked for me:-

>Open Norton



>Smart Firewall

>Program Control

> Alter Spotify from 'Blocked' to 'Allow'



I hope this helps others because not having my Spotify immediately sent me into a state of severe withdrawal symptoms, so I know how bad it feels!


hello today my spotify told me i was offline, i tried to fix it now it tells me error code 101 and to update my firewall. i tried to fix that and nothing is working please help!




neither of these links work for me - any ideas gratefully received


What security programmes do you both have?  Apparently there is one in Windows that has to be taken care of, and if you have anything additional (i.e. I have Norton) than that has to be sorted as well.


Having done that it should work, although I've been advised to untick the "remember me" box when signing in for the first time after that.


I know the hell you're going through so will do my best to help.


Hia, i have tried to follow the instructions you have put on here but i can't get anywhere because i can't seem to find the firewall exeption's list?! I might have found it but it doensn't say expetion's list, and it doesn't even have Spotify on there so that i can take it off.. i'm so confused?!


i have mcAfee

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