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Error password?

Error password?


My problem is very rare.
Is the password for Spotify Web is not the same as the program?
Because Sporify Web if I let in, but the program tells me it's wrong.
Ask you to send me the password for email and tell me the password I use is facebook.
The question is I can not enter.

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Hi there,


Yes, your Facebook password is the same for both the Spotify app and the website. 


Please try a) using another browser and b) logging out of the Facebook website before logging in

Thanks for the speed.

If my error is not the browser, is the Spotify program that will not let me because it says that the password is incorrect.
The Spotify website if I can to enter, but the application tells me is wrong.
I do not understand.

What sort of computer / device are you using to try to log into Spotify?
Airhorn Enthusiast

The problem is not the pc.
I do not understand is that for some things if a correct password and other things is not correct.
Spotify website to access no problem, correct password.
I use the same password to open the program and tells me that Spotify is not correct.
If I go to the password recovery options tell me I'm connected from facebook and I did not send it.
I do not understand.

Anyone can help me?

Hi MikeNavas--


Have you given it another try on another browser then? A few of our customers have found that works quite well. 


In addition to making sure you've logged out of Facebook before signing into Spotify, you could also try temporarily changing your Facebook password to something short and simple before trying again. 


Let us know how trying all those steps works for you. 

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