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Facebook friends still showing up after I unlinked my Facebook account!

Facebook friends still showing up after I unlinked my Facebook account!

I use Spotify Unlimited, and for a short while a few months ago, I linked my Facebook account to my Spotify account. I have since unlinked the two accounts, yet every time I have signed in since then, the same two Facebook friends keep appearing on the tab on the right of the screen (in the suggestions section). I have taken all the steps I can think of to stop this from happening (selecting 'Disconnect from Facebook' in Preferences, deleting my browsing history, doing a clean reinstall of Spotify, and even changing my Spotify password so that it's different to my Facebook one), but nothing has worked! Does it have something to do with the fact that the two friends are 'following' me on Spotify? If so, is there any way I can get them to 'unfollow' me? I'm not comfortable with my friends knowing all of the tracks I add to my playlists. Thanks!

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It sounds like they are being suggested because they Follow you, yep. There's no current way to block Followers so you'll be stuck with them as Followers. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. You can make your playlists secret (right-click > Make Secret) so no one can see activity with that playlist.


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Thanks Adam. It turns out that all my playlists were already all set to private anyway (I set them that way ages ago in an attempt to stop people from seeing what I was listening to). My main gripe was that the same 2 friends always appear on the right side of Spotify with the activity section (not the 'suggestions' section as I thought it was called before) whenever I sign in, but I guess I'll just have to put up with that minor irritation for now, until Spotify introduce some kind of block feature. Anyway, cheers for the reply, and I've now given kudos to the idea you linked me to.

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