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Facebook name reversion

Facebook name reversion






Lenovo laptop from ~2012/Samsung S5

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Windows 10




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Hello. A few days ago I connected my account to Facebook (solely to find my sisters on Spotify—the search function yielded no results for their names before connecting to Facebook). I didn't realize that this would change my username. Even after disconnecting from Facebook, my username remains the same. This is a nuisance because most of my online friends know me by Vincent Lawrence, a name I use when I'm online. I signed up with this name. I know it's possible for my name to be reverted to the original because there's an FAQ about how to reacquire Facebook names after your name reverts back to what you signed up with (the solution is to reconnect to Facebook). So, how can I get my old username back? Can I message someone here to revert it for me? Can I exploit a glitch (suggested by the FAQ)?


Thanks for any help.


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Hey @bml-x_2ht4oho, thanks for writing!


If you're still seeing your Facebook profile name after you unlinked your profile from your Spotify account, it's possible that the data is still stored on your device's cache.


In this case, our best recommendation would be for you to reinstall the app with these steps (if you're Premium, you'll need to resync your downloaded music after that). Doing this will clear all stored information from Spotify on your device, the app will get a fresh start, and you'll be good to go.


We hope this helps. Have an amazing day 🙂

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