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Family Plan sign-up

Family Plan sign-up

Hope you can help? I want to upgrade from Premium to Family to enable my 2 x daughters (aged 10 and 😎 to listen to their own music and creat their own playlists.


However, when I upgraded, I found out that I have to create email accounts for each one, and they're too young for email accounts, so the only way I can do that is to lie about their age for setting up the email accounts and lie about their age on Spotify


Surely the Family plan should make it easier for my whole family to enjoy Spotify, and enable me to set up their username/password access without having to create meaningless email accounts?

Please can you advise back if I'm missing something obvious in the set-up process for Family - I've downgraded back to premium for the moment as I can't work with the current set-up as I see it


Thanks in advance for your help





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Depending on which provider you use for your personal email you may be able to set up a thing that's normally called for sub accounts.

With gmail this is possible. Looks like this:
Say your email account is
Then a sub account could be

How to set this up on gmail is explained here:

Worth noting is that some service providers block sub accounts so I would suggest to try if it works with Spotify.

 Can any Rock Stars or Spotify users help on this?


I wrote a reply earlier but seems it didn't register or was deleted.

Depending on what email provider you use it can be possible to create what is usually called sub accounts.

Looks like this on gmail:
Main email is
Sub email could be

How to do it on gmail is explained here:

If you have an other email provider try to either search on google if it's possible to create sub accounts or ask their support.

Note that some service providers block sub accounts, I don't know if Spotify does.

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