Family Premium Member, Playlists have been deleted/changed.

Family Premium Member, Playlists have been deleted/changed.

I recently opened spotify after 3-4 weeks of inactivity. The program opened and I was automatically logged in to my usual account. This account has been a member of a premium family account, created by my wife, for several months. When logging in, I noticed that all of the playlists I had set up were no longer available. Instead they had been replaced with 4 playlists that I never created and appear to be playlists that my wife may have created.


Steps I have tried so far:


1) Logged out and logged back in with the same credentials. No change.

2) Logged out and attempted to log in with any other credentials that I may have created in the past. No evidence of duplicate accounts. Logged back in with my usual credentials. No change.

3) Uninstalled/reinstalled Spotify. No change.

4) Logged in to my iphone app using the same credentials that I normally use on both the computer and iphone. All of my usual playlists were present until I attempted to play music (via spotify connect) through my computer, using the app as the controlling device. At that point, my phone app removed all of my usual playlists and replaced them with the 4 incorrect ones that mirror the ones on my computer. I have not been able to revert this change.

5) Contacted my wife (who set up the family sharing account) to see if she made any changes. She has not made any changes that she is aware of.


At this point, both my iphone app and my computer both show the same incorrect information and I am unable to recover the playlists that I created under my specific login credentials. Any help that another user or a member of the Spotify team could provide would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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One last thing. I am not, and to my knowledge have never been, connected to facebook. My options menu gives me the option to "connect via facebook", which I have not done.

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