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Family Premium Separating the Art...

Family Premium Separating the Art...

Hello-  As a family premium member I would like to suggest to Spotify that if my daughter is listening to her **bleep** music that I don't get music suggestions with her **bleep** as reference when on my account.  She has ruined my listening experience so I thought I would slowly repair it by separating the members of the household.  However, even though I pay more I'm still getting her music as a suggestion that I might like the vomit she puts through her ears. 

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Hey @0scooters


It sounds like your daughter might have been using your account to listen to music.


For the family premium, make sure you are both using your own account.


When you sign up for the family plan, each person will need to create their own account so everyone can listen without interrupting eachother's playback and to get their own recommendations and music library. After everyone creates their own account, you invite them to join your family plan. If it asks everyone to confirm that they live at the same address don't worry just make sure everyone enters the same address.


After a while your recommendations will change based on what you are listening to, and not what was listened to on the account in the past.


Check out these pages for help setting up the Family Plan:


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Hey @0scooters,


In addition and clarification to @MattSuda's response, I wanted to add that if you and your daughter originally shared an account, but you grew tired of your daughters music and bought Family Premium to no longer see her recommendations, it would make sense that you're still getting them and you can't figure out why. The reason is that the recommendations take time to fade because your daughter's music is still in your listening history. So the only real "remedy, " in this case, is spending more time listening with separated accounts, and over time you will start having unique and accurate recommendations.

Please let us know if you need anything else! Happy listening 🙂

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