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Family plan subscription for Canada


Family plan subscription for Canada

Is the Spotify Family plan available yet in Canada? 


My wife and I both have the free accounts and would like to switch to the family plan, however when we click on Upgrade, we don't see any kind of link to the family plan. 




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I do same thing BUT ! with Spotify your are not constraint to share your credit card with other member of your familly ! And If Google didn't revise that I return to Spotify !

I am sure that this will be to little to late for most, but I am tempted to give spotify a shot.  We have andriod and apples devices in the house and the work computer is windows so naturally we went with Google Play Music.  It did everything that I needed but somehow I liked the spotify interface better.  Reall all three options, google, apple and spotify are about the same, it just comes down to personal taste, and I think that i like spotify the best.   

I will ask the family what there thoughts are as they have become accustomed to Google Play Music.  We will see how it goes.  

Best of luck to everyone that has wanted spotify.  We may have become accustomed to google or apple but I am sure some will go back to spotify.  Happy listening to whatever you choose.


You don't share your credit card with google music.  You can set various access levels.  So if you registered with you credit card your wife/husband can purchase without restriction but you can set your children to have restrictions.  Heck if you have a poor relationship with your spouce you don't have to give them access to purchase.  It is open for you to choose.  

Same situation.. I moved to Google Music almost one year ago now. I am now invested with each family member set up, plus I get some discounts on other Google purchases, as well as discovered the concept of family libraries for a lot of things. Although I am happy Spotify has shed its Rogers contract, it is to late for me. I am past Spotify and waiting for YouTube Red to come to Canada. In the US, it is included in the google music subscription 🙂

Figures! I cancelled my spotify 6 weeks ago and moved to Google Play Music, but for the past 6 weeks I haven't been able to invite my wife as a family member. It's some sort of weird google bug which is apparently very rare. Coincidentally a google engineer is supposed to call me tonight to explain the problem and help me resolve it (fingers crossed).

Once it gets resolve I don't think I'll be going back to Spotify though. There are things I miss with spotify. The main one, being able to subscribe to artists I like and get notified about new releases. I prefer google's interface though. My wife found the spotify one way too confusing, and I still experience bugs with the spotify interface that can cause data loss, even though I've reported them and got acknowledgement that they reproduced them. So I think it's too late for me to go back. If my family plan issue with google doesn't get resolved tonight I've already also subscribed to Apple Music in parallel just in case (which has own pros/cons).

Oh gosh man, I had a similar issue. What's your issue with inviting specifically? All that would happen for me whenever I tried to invite was that a popup appeared saying "something went wrong", and that's it.


If you're running into the same problem, the solution for me was to completely delete the family *group*, create it again, and send out fresh invites. The google support team was not helpful at all, and it took days to get precisely nowhere. I ended up figuring it out on my own.

I send an invite. It says invitation was sent, but my wife never gets it. The latest "solution" from Advanced Support was to see if my wife had me blocked in her gmail. And here I was thinking they actually had a real solution for me after talking to engineers. Back to the drawing board. 6 weeks and counting. I might have to go back to Spotify after all.

Just in case you didn't notice...
- Google Play costs $14.99 + 0% taxes (I have been with Google for more than a year now)

- Spotify costs $14.99 + 15% taxes (in Quebec)



Spotify is too late for me. I moved everything once, I won't do it again (especially for a company that hasn't shown respect to its initial customer base).


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