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Force Logout?

Force Logout?

Is there possible to force logout? I'm pretty sure someone is using my account since i get messages that Spotify is used somewhere else and my top artists on facebook is far from my music genre.


I've changed password, but it doesn't help. Should I just delete my account and get another one?





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I couldn't seem to find any one logged into your account at the moment, so sadly we can't kick anyone out at the moment.
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I think you should be able to see which IP addresses are using your account. It could be a feature on the website, google mail already have that for example.

Can you please kick all devices off my account? I want to only use my account of my own phone.

Going to lock this thread for now so we can keep all requests going to the same place.

If anyone else needs a forced logout, please head over to the official topic.


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