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After months of heachaches with Spotify's online only customer support, I've finally found out why I've been getting double and triple charged. My account info had been leaked. They [Thieves] set up an accounts from obviously fake gmail accounts and used my old credit card information to pay for their accounts with the pre-authorization I had previously given Spotify. 

PSA: Double check your credit card statements for being over charged (I was refunded over $100 in fraudulent charges) 

WHY ISNT SPOTIFY MONITORING WEBSITES THAT PROVIDE "FREE" PREMIUM ACCOUNTS? A simple google search for "free spotify premium accounts" shows multiple websites with more than likely stolen credentials. 


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This is truly a serious thing and trust me Spotify is using both manual, automatic and AI system to tackle these problems. Very soon 2 Factor Authentication will also come to Spotify which is now "Under Consideration". You can check the idea here:
Please do vote and ask your friends to vote to as this is going to solve mostly all of these hacking issues unless the hacker has access to your phone or 2FA app too.
Hope this helps.

This has been happening to me!!! How do I go about getting refunded for all of the charges?! Ugh!!!

My post is not even from my account!!! It has some other picture!!! Help!!

Please check this link for more info on your account security concern. 

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